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Condition Monitoring in Robotized Shop Floors


About This Course

Condition monitoring is the process of (1) measuring specific equipment parameters, (2) identifying signs of any significant changes that could be indicative of an impending failure, and (3) planning measures to react to them. This course explains industrial solutions, strategies, and methods for condition monitoring and maintenance in the shop floor environment. The course is based on the latest research and books in this field.

The course starts with an introduction to condition monitoring. The main goal and concept of condition monitoring will be presented and discussed to frame the topic. Industrial solutions will be introduced and their advantages and disadvantages will be explained. Further, Industry 4.0 and digitalization enable new strategies and methods for condition monitoring. The course introduces the data management aspects and explains maintenance strategies and methods. The course aims to support companies, practitioners, engineers, and pioneers in applying condition monitoring and maintenance solutions to improve the performance of the shop floor assets.


  • Introduction to condition monitoring in shop floor environment

  • Sensors for condition monitoring

  • Data management for condition monitoring

  • Maintenance strategies

  • Predictive maintenance


  • Understand the concepts and impacts of condition monitoring in the shop floor environment

  • Know industrial solutions for condition monitoring

  • Know the impacts of digitalization on condition monitoring

  • Understand the data infrastructure and data management for condition monitoring

  • Know the maintenance strategies and methods to improve the shop floor asset performance

Course staff

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  • Giuseppe Fragapane

    /I. Overview/ Giuseppe Fragapane graduated in mechanical and industrial engineering (B.Eng. and M.Sc.). He worked for several years as an engineer in R&D and production for leading manufacturing companies in Germany, UK, and Switzerland. Today, he holds a Ph.D. in engineering with a major in production management and industrial logistics and works as a research scientist at SINTEF which is one of Europe's largest independent research organizations.

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